UniFURsity Club Doggy Daycare

UniFURsity Club Doggy Daycare

9308 W Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53222
Milwaukee, WI 53222 Open Map Directions Phone: 414-509-5727
Support Hours:
Today: 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
all times Central
  • About Us+

    We offer a unique crate-free daycare experience for your pup with flexible options (hourly, half-days, and full-days) to fit within your busy schedule!

  • Boarding+

    UniFURsity offers spacious dorms for our four-legged guests. The experience is always hospitable, as each pup has semi-private dorm with all their personal belongings. Party time (daycare) is included during the day do ensure your dog is ready for a great night's rest.  Dogs are monitored throughout the evening to ensure a comfortable experience.


    A flat $43 Per Night (Discount Available for Family Boarding).  No extra charges for exceeding a 24 period.  Drop off anytime during business hours the day before and pickup anytime during business hours the day after.


    • A semi-private dorm, complete with a bed, bowls and any other comforts you would like to provide.
    • Two feedings, before bed and first thing in the morning. You can supply your own food or we can provide an AAFCO approved dog food for an additional fee.
    • A full day of party time the day before your pooches stay and the day after.
  • Day Care+

    UniFURsity offers a place for dogs to be... dogs! A place where canines can play in a pack-like atmosphere while supervised to ensure a safe, fun time is had by all. We offer a small handler to dog ratio to make sure your pooch gets the attention he or she deserves! Our handlers encourage and reward obedient behaviors. These positive reinforcements help dogs become well-mannered with basic commands such as wait and sit, even while in an exciting and stimulating environment, which is a benefit for our two-legged customers as well!


    • Full Day (5+ hours): $27 (Packages and Multiple-dog Discounts Available)
    • Half Day (4-5 hours): $16.50
    • Hourly (1-3 hours): $5.25 per hour
  • Grooming+

    UniFURsity offers basic grooming services so your dog comes home smelling FURtastic! We use salon-quality products best suited for your breed's coat to add shine and brighten fur while preventing over-drying and itching. We do not offer hair-cuts at this time. 


    A la carte:

    • Baths & Blowouts
      • Dogs <40  Pounds: $20
      • Dogs >40 Pounds: $25+
    • Pet-a-cure: $12
    • Ear Cleanse: $10
    • Tooth Brushing: $5
    • Gland Expression: $10
    • Brush Out: $15 for 15 minutes
    • Furminator (Reduces shedding 60% to 80%): $25 for 20 minutes


    • Associates: Bath & Blow out and Pet-A-Cure: Saving $2 @ $30
    • Bachelors: Bath & Blow Out, Pet-A-Cure, Ear Cleanse, Tooth Brushing, and Brush Out: Saving $12 @ $50
    • Masters: Bath & Blow Out, Pet-A-Cure, Ear Cleanse, Tooth Brushing, Gland Expression, Furminator: Saving $17 @ $65

    *Note: All grooming services are at-will.  All prices are base figures and are subject to adjustment depending on size, breed, and condition.

  • Home Delivery
    Shipping Information

    Delivery cost is a flat $5 per order. We deliver to the following areas*: all of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties. *Please note, if you live outside our delivery area you will need to come into our store to pick-up your food. You will receive an E-mail notifying you when it arrives.

  • Auto Delivery+

    Add your choice of food to your cart and choose a delivery frequency. We'll email you to confirm your order and obtain any special delivery instructions. Your first order will arrive within 7 days. Re-orders will be delivered on the second and last Thursday's of the month.

  • Online Ordering+


  • Dog Products +

    We carry a wide variety of retail including but not limited to: toys, treats, collars, leashes, accessories, apparel, and food! 

    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry
  • Cat Products +

    We offer cat food via our Online Ordering/Autoship Program.

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry
    Fromm Four Star Cat

    Fromm Four-Star

    Variety driven gourmet cat food and treats

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    Fromm Gold

    Lifestage and lifestyle recipes



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