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666 St Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON M6C 1B1
Toronto, ON M6C 1B1 Open Map Directions Phone: 416-619-9212
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  • About Us+

    Woof & Shloof is an eco-friendly center for dog day care, dog training, and dog grooming in Toronto located at Bathurst & St. Clair. Our first class facility is cage free and architected entirely from the dog's point of view. We focus on connecting to dogs with simple, non-verbal methods that every creature in the animal kingdom understands at our center for dog day care and dog grooming in Toronto.

  • Boarding+

    Located west of King City, in Bolton Ontario, we offer country boarding at the Shloof Ranch!

    At the Shloof Ranch, your dog can enjoy the exhilarating outdoors with 18 acres of land to run and play on while you are on vacation! We use this facility to board and train specific behaviours, and also as a place of refuge for your dog while you are on vacation.  

    While at the Shloof Ranch, your pup will experience cage free boarding, daily hikes with added off leash training, and basic obedience training!  

    Overnights at the Shloof Ranch are $75 a night and are great for when you're travelling or for new puppies in need of basic training! It's also great for clients looking to freshen up on certain undesirable behaviours.

    We offer taxi transportation to the Shloor Ranch and Exit Grooming Services!

    To book a Ranch boarding or for more information, please contact Adri@woofandshloof.com

  • Day Care+

    Our doggie daycare program is unique and so is our philosophy. Your dog's day is filled with structure, routines, mentally stimulating games, rest, relaxation, belly rubs and healthy treats.

    We offer play by the hour, half day, or full day dog daycare. We offer drop in pricing for your convenience, and we also offer never-expiring package deals for better value.

  • Dog Walking+

    In the fall we are launching our dog walking service.  Jesse is really excited about this because he's going to be one of our dog Walkers!

    The service is NOT part of the daycare... it's a separate service:

    • $23 - $27 a group walk (Depending on frequency)
    • Routes are GPS tracked. Maps, walk details and photos emailed daily.
    • Dogs are matched skillfully with appropriate packs
    • Walks are in nature and in silence.
    • All Staff trained by a Dog Whisperer
    • Walkers Bonded and Insured
    • Puppy visits available
    • Private walks 
  • Training+

    The roots of my training style are firmly grounded in the principles of present moment living, non-harming, and an impeccable sense of timing and reward.  

    I think you should know who you are what your role is, according to your dog. Let's honor your dog's place in this Babylonian Animal Kingdom. Together we'll unlock your own whispering style and nurture a relationship with a dog that both loves and respects its master.   

  • Grooming+

    Our Toronto based dog grooming shop has three professionally trained groomers with a combined 20 years of experience. We groom dogs of all breeds, all ages, and all temperaments. We are exceptionally skillful with the scissors, we are gentle, loving, calm and excellent dog handlers. Each grooming appointment begins with a brief consultation between you, your dog and one of our groomers. 



Official Website: www.woofandshloof.com