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    When you talk to us—you’re talking to people who know animals; who know how to help you find the answers you need; our Customer Care team has more than 100 years of combined animal health experience.

    Our History
    Muddy and Inca is the progeny of two veterinarian brothers who believe all animal lovers deserve the fairest prices in caring for them. With decades of experience helping dairy and beef producers as Leedstone, they began to extend the same philosophy to families with pets and horses. And Muddy and Inca became a reality.

    Muddy and Inca are the names of two beloved black labs of Dr. David Tomsche, DVM, and his family. For many years, Muddy was a trusted companion and friend to the family. Inca was able to befriend Muddy for only a short time before Muddy passed away in 2013—and has since become as loyal, trusted and loved.

    Our Philosophy
    We don’t ‘own’ our pets. Not like we own furniture, cars or laptops. The things we own aren’t happy to see us when we come home, or play with us. They don’t surprise us. They don’t wake up with us or fall asleep on us.

    Our pets make us better. Our pets expose our hearts. Every day, they remind us of the remarkable connection we share with other creatures that walk this earth. So you see, we can’t ‘own’ our pets, because they are extensions of us. They help define us. And we do everything we can to keep them healthy, because we rely on them as much as they rely on us.

    Muddy and Inca is here to support you in caring for your pet, with the best products, for the best prices. Just as you’re always there for your pet, we’re always here for you.

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  • Auto Delivery+

    We’ve all been there. Each of us has run out of pet food (or other products), and had to rush to the store to replenish supplies. Changing your plans, getting back in your car, hoping the store is even still open--it's enough to cause your heart to race!

    No more panicking. Ask us to automatically ship your regular orders (food, chews, toys, etc.) at recurring intervals, so you never run out again!

    It’s Simple and Convenient!
    When you purchase items available for the AutoShip program, you’ll see a message, similar to this one, in the lower left corner of your cart.

     Simply answer ‘Yes’ and choose the frequency in which you’d like the product shipped to you. Then complete your checkout as usual, and you’re set for automatic shipments of your product!

    Editing your existing AutoShip request(s) is just as easy! Go to My Accounts > My AutoShip > Edit.

    Sign up today and see for yourself!

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help! Use our Online Chat or give us a call at 888.683.9462.

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