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  • About Us+

    It is one of our missions to bring our clients the best products that are available for their dogs but did you also know that we bring our clients eco-friendly, all natural, and community friendly products? If you are looking for good products that are good for your dog, your pocket book, are eco-friendly and make you feel like you’ve made a good choice, then come check out our retail shoppes conveniently located in the front of every FYDOLAND location.

  • Boarding+

    During an overnight guest’s stay, each of our guests will enjoy cage free playtime, both indoors and outdoors during the day. For the evening hours, our guests will enjoy a restful night in their very own 4x6 suite. Each individually decorated suite will have a raised bed and each pet will be allowed to bring their own blankets. Soothing music will be flowing throughout the facility. This music has been scientifically tested and proven to calm the doggie spirit to allow for a peaceful night of rest.

    We will monitor all aspects of your pet's stay such as dietary habits, playgroup behavior, sleeping habits and other important areas of a happy and healthy pet.

    Overnight boarding is available by advance reservation only. We offer a cozy, intimate environment for our guests and spacing is limited. Your pets will be known by their name, not by a number.

  • Day Care+

    A well exercised dog is a happy dog and doggie daycare at FYDOLAND is a great way to stimulate your dog both physically and mentally.

    During a day with us, your dog will be able to:

    *Play all day in a cage-free environment
    *Have indoor and outdoor playtime
    *Participate in organized activities
    *Have quality playtime with their buddies while being supervised by trained petpals who are certified in pet first aid.
    *Have access to numerous toys, beds, and playing apparatus that will stimulate their minds and bodies.

    **Pick up and Drop off service is available. Please call for pricing.**

  • Pet Sitting+

    We offer a variety of pet sitting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether going away for a couple of hours or several days, we will design a program that is a perfect fit for you and your pets.

    Each session will include our taking care of your pet's nutritional, sanitary, health and social needs. Some of the fun activities may include walking, brushing, chase, hide and seek, laser pointer tag, and petting sessions! We will also bring in your mail and water your plants at no extra charge!


    Pet Sitting
    - Up to two pets.

    - $17.00 per half hour visit

    - $3.00 per additional pet

    Daily Dog Exercise
    - Up to two dogs.

    - $15.00 per visit

    - $3.00 per additional dog


  • Training+

    Puppy Playskool:
    Price: $130
    This six week class, for puppies between 12 weeks and 6 months of age, is designed to welcome you to the wonderful world of puppy rearing. We concentrate on three main areas of puppyhood:

    Introduction to basic command work
    How to handle puppy issues such as:
    house training

    Basic Obedience Training: Price: $130
    This six week class is for those dogs, 6 months and older, that have never been through any formal obedience training or have completed a puppy class.

    Basic Obedience Training Includes: Canine behavior and how dogs learn
    Basic command work (sit, stay, down, come, give, wait, leave it, and heel)
    Problem Resolution

    Intermediate Obedience Training: Price: $130
    This six week course is for those dogs and owners who have successfully completed a basic obedience course. The handler and dog must be able to work together to achieve reliable sits, downs, stays, recalls, and heeling. In this course, we will prepare each team for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. We will work heavily on teaching our teams how to work around distractions such as other dogs, loud noises, and unfamiliar objects. We will also continue to work on more advanced commands such as off-leash heeling, finish, stand/stay, and remote commands.

    Agility FUNdamentals: Price: $135
    Agility Fundamentals is designed fun team building class. Your dog will learn body awareness while learning to focus on you. Together you and your dog will be introduced to; jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and a few other common pieces of agility equipment. Pace will be based on each dog/owner team as this class is all about your successes! This is class is also a great confidence booster for shy dogs and not so shy dogs alike.

    Private Dog Training Lessons
    Private lessons are available for those with time conflicts or those in need of specific problem resolution and/or behavior modification.



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