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  • About Us+

    As we all know, the pet industry is constantly evolving. More knowledge is being gained whether it is about training, behaviour, nutrition, medical care/protocols, etc. With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to keep up with the changes and broaden our knowledge on pet care by coordinating with Hammonds Plains Veterinary Hospital to ensure we are doing our due diligence to have a safe, clean and well-run facility. We want only the best for our clients and their furry friends!

  • Boarding+

    The Dog Company knows how stressful leaving your dog can be so we are proud to offer a safe, fun, and comfortable environment that is staffed 24/7.  We offer flexible arrangements to ensure your dog is calm and happy in our facility.

  • Day Care+

    Maximize Your Dog’s FUN With Daycare!

    Once your application form is filled out (below), you will receive an email from us with a designated time slot to begin the introduction process. When you arrive, you can leave your dog(s) knowing we will slowly introduce them to other dogs in order to create the best daycare plan for them. 

    This is where The Dog Company is so unique! Does your dog prefer small play groups? Does your dog prefer only human-dog play time? Does your dog love large play groups? We can accommodate all of these with our various runs within our 14,000+ square feet of play space!

    After the introduction, your dog can stay for a half day (up to 5 hours) or a full day. Whatever works best for you & your dog! We want their first day to be a positive experience.

  • Training+

    Trained staff will personally train your dog for a fifteen-minute session while they are in daycare.  "You name it, we train it!" Teaching them whatever behaviour you want your dog to learn.  Whether it be a brush up on manners, or learning fun new tricks. Please bring kibble and/or treats. They are not provided.

  • Dog Products +
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