Doggie Basics

Doggie Basics

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  • About Us+

    We offer over 3,000 sq.ft. of indoor play areas and over 8,500 sq. ft. fully fenced & secured outdoor yard daycare, crate free, always hands-on supervised, in-home boarding, grooming, training, and socialization. We believe the basic needs of a dog – exercise, socialization, structure, and affection – fulfills all your dog’s needs, thereby rewarding you with happy, calm, and balanced dog in return.

  • Boarding+

    Our boarding guests are treated as our own! They run, play, socialize, and sleep with 24/7 supervision and are never left alone.

    The benefits of boarding your dog in a supervised environment are numerous! Less stress on your dog, constant socialization, pleasant experience for both you and your dog, and our in-home feel mimics what your home feels like to your dog – safe, secure, and fun!

    Compared to dog kennels, boarding rooms, or fancy hotel rooms with TV access for additional charges – our guests only potty outside in our outdoor fenced-in 8,500+ sq. ft. yard and are watched by hands-on staff at all times. Daycare playtime is included until 12:00 pm, free of charge, and can be extended until 7:00 pm for a nominal charge. To us, your peace of mind and the comfort of your dog, is of the utmost importance!

  • Day Care+

    Doggie daycare is a fully supervised environment where dogs play together off-leash. Like child daycare, doggie daycare provides busy dog owners a place for their dog to exercise, play, and socialize.

    The old adage stands to reason, ‘a tired dog is a happy dog’. A happy, well-socialized dog, is a joy to be around. At the end of the daycare day, you’ll be greeted by your smiling tail-wagger who is happy, calm, and relaxed, rather than coming home to find 10 hours of pent-up canine energy waiting to explode.

    Compared to dog walking, which can be a short one or two time experience, doggie daycare is offered for the entire day or a half day depending on your need.

  • Training+

    The beginner level course is geared towards providing both you and your K9 companion a better understanding of each other. The end result is a well-behaved companion that would fit comfortably into your busy schedule. An example of comfort would be more enjoyable walks because you are not being pulled in every possible direction. More importantly, the safety of your companion and other people are greatly enhanced with proper training. An example of safety would be the ability to command your dog to ignore harmful substances, such as chocolate or poisonous plants, or drop it out of their mouth if they have already picked it up. Another example would be having a dog that could actually stay (still) on command if it was running too close to busy roads.

  • Grooming+

    We are a one-stop facility for all your dog needs, and a full service doggy spa for all breeds. We focus on providing the best pet care for your dog in a crate-free environment with all natural and high-quality products, while ensuring your dog has the most enjoyable, stress-free, spa day.


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