Balanced Paws Inc.

Balanced Paws Inc.

12 Logan Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M 2M8 
Toronto, ON M4M 2M8  Open Map Directions Phone: 416-465-0892
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  • About Us+

    More than who we are, it’s important for us to share with you WHY we chose to care for other people’s pets and why we continue to do it every day, with more commitment and passion than the day we started.

    Having had many rescues, we are very familiar with the challenges that often times go hand in hand between dog and owner. We’ve always found it difficult to understand why and how dogs are given up based on behaviourial issues – so we decided to get off the sidelines and get involved. Our goal was to become part of the solution that helps bridge the barrier between owners and dogs. Ultimately, help keep another dog out of the shelter circuit.

    And Balanced Paws was born. We’re more than a doggie daycare. We don’t dog sit. In the end, we help create, evolve, and deepen your relationship with your dog. We created Balanced Paws on the foundation of training and behaviour which means every interaction with a dog is on some level about training them toward a certain behaviour. It’s what sets us apart. We are professional certified trainers, canine behaviour geeks at heart, care givers, care takers, industry experts, and most of all – we too are dog owners. At Balanced Paws, your dog gets to be just that – a dog. They play, rest, learn, and exercise. Because we believe that a happy dog is a balanced dog.

    Feel free to contact us – we would love to meet and get to know you and your beloved pet!

  • Day Care+

    What we do best is guarantee our guests enjoy a balanced level of energy while in our care. That’s because we know just how important it is that throughout the day, a dog needs to be active (whether that be exercise or play), and of course enjoy some down time, too.

    And there’s so much for them to do here at Balanced Paws! Our professionally trained staff make sure to include basic etiquette training into your dog’s every day activities, and are always more than happy to include treadmill training should you want to include some extra exercise. Please ask our staff for more details.

    We love to make sure our guests are always the best version of themselves –which means happy, and often tired!

  • Grooming+

    We love to pamper our guests, and what better way to do that than Grooming?

    Our expert Groomers apply low stress techniques so your pet can look forward to spa day!

    We bathe all breeds of dogs but prices for individual services and packages will vary depending on size of your pet, type of coat, condition of coat, and your dog’s temperament. Please call or come see us to speak with us about all the details!


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