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    Tail Blazers was created in 2000 by Tamara Low and Brent Hauberg who both had a longstanding history in the health food and supplement industry. It was their deep concern with the declining health of animals, humans, and the earth that gave them the push they needed to create Tail Blazers.

    The moment the couple welcomed their dogs into their home, their research into pet foods began. Their research introduced them for the first time to raw food diets, and to the incredible benefits of foods without additives, chemicals, preservatives, or low quality ingredients.

    Perhaps their most startling discovery was the extreme prevalence of hazardous manufacturing methods and conditions that existed in the pet food industry. They became aware of how to spot cut-corners and how to avoid the manufacturers taking them.

    Over the years the “Trail Blazing” concept created by Tail Blazers of a “Health Food Store for Pets” has become more widely accepted by consumers demanding higher quality products for their animals. Even some of the “big brand” pet foods are changing their marketing strategies in an attempt to appeal to those looking for healthy pet foods.

    Today, Tail Blazers is eighteen stores strong, and the passion that was ignited in Brent and Tamara many years ago is now shared with all the franchise owners and their staff!

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