The Dog Market

The Dog Market

The Beach Village 2116 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4E 1E2
Toronto, ON M4E 1E2 Open Map Directions Phone: 416-699-1313
Support Hours:
Today: 10 AM - 8 PM
all times Eastern
  • About Us+

    The Dog Market is bound to become your Dog and Cat's favorite place in the whole world, next to sleeping on your couch of course. Open 7 days a week, including our Dog and Cat grooming salon, The Dog Market is the place to find everything you need to keep your best 4 legged friend healthy, happy, entertained, and looking good. You will find that we stock and sell only the highest quality products we can find, so pack the Dog in the car, come down to The Beaches, and check us out. 

    "A Happy Dog is a Market Dog !"


    "A Happy Cat is a Market Cat !"

  • Training+

    The Dog Market’s Dog obedience training in Toronto is provided by Dorothy, Chief Instructor at Mother Knows Best Obedience School. Through strictly humane methods, Dorothy has been teaching obedience for 25 years. She focuses on kindness and working with the dog’s natural spirit. Training and obedience are achieved without food or treat coercion, resulting in an increase in bonding and a willingness to please.

  • Grooming+

    We Offer Full Grooming Services 7 days per week. Our exceptional Pet grooming staff has been with us for more than a decade, building a reputation of reliability and careful attention with our regular clientele. Professional Pet Groomers take thoughtful care of your furry family member and we’re sure that once you’ve tried professional grooming you’ll swear by it. We also offer Nail clipping services 7 days a week by walk in. It will only cost you $10 and a few minutes, so feel free to stop by anytime. We groom both Dogs and Cats!

  • Bakery+

    We have a wide variety of themed collections of bakery goodies that are popular as a unique snack on special occasions like birthdays and holidays – and to just show our four-legged friends some love! The creativity of our cookies will amaze you. The colourful and amusing decorations of our baked goods make these treats the cream of the crop. Our baked treats are often viewed with laughter and excitement and are as enjoyable to give as it is for a dog to receive. We also offer Custom Birthday cakes for Dogs and Cats that can be ordered in 2 sizes.

  • Home Delivery
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    We offer Free local Deliveries!

  • Dog Products +

    We work and live in the Beaches. At 2116 Queen St. East, we are ideally situated to service all of Toronto and the surrounding area while keeping ourselves grounded in the community that has given us so much. Because we are invested in the well being and happiness of the community, we offer the best products we can get a hold of. We offer the highest quality: 

    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry
  • Cat Products +

    Even though we are called The Dog Market we offer the highest quality of Cat Products in The Cat Market which is located inside The Dog Market. 

    Please call for product availability



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