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  • About Us+

    “We Help Keep Your Furkids Healthy, Safe and Engaged”. At Just Fur Pets, we strive to live that statement every day. In the U.S., our dogs are part of our family. We do everything we can to make their lives more enjoyable. You look out for your dog’s best interests; we’re here to help you be a successful dog parent. 

    We take a holistic approach to helping you raise and care for your canine companion. The more we know about your furkid, the better we are at helping you find solutions. We can help you tailor your furkid’s day to her needs, and yours. 
    • Is your furkid adjusting to you and her new home? 
    • Are you encountering behaviors you want to change? 
    • Does she have a sensitive stomach, food sensitivities or eating issues? 
    • Is she getting enough physical, mental, and social activity? 
    • Are her teeth, nails, coat and skin in great condition? 
    • Do you know where she’ll stay if you need to go out of town – suddenly or on vacation?

    Being a dog parent is not quite as overwhelming as being the parent of a human, but it has its challenges: health and wellness, diet, exercise, socialization, gear, grooming, daytime supervision, short- and long-term nighttime care. Let us help you become a better dog parent.

  • Boarding+
    Have peace of mind when you leave on vacation. Your canine companion will receive tender-loving care when staying with us. Dogs who board at Just Fur Pets, participate in our off-leash dog daycare groups during the day. They play with other dogs, participate in our activities and get plenty of exercise. In the evening, they are fed, walked and tucked into bed.

    All dogs boarding with us have outside leashed walks for fresh air and vitamin D. We feed them according to your specifications. Bring your dog's food and favorite toys, blankets and bones.
     Boarding Requirements

    • All dogs over one year of age must be spayed and neutered (we work with pet parents of large breed dogs to extend this whenever possible)
    • Bring a copy of up-to-date vaccination records.
    • Bring food and treats in portions needed for the length of her stay with us.
    • We do not charge extra to administer medications.  Provide the dosage needed for the length of her stay with us, along with written, legible instructions, and provide pill packs or stuff-able treats if you use these to give oral meds.
    • Dogs who have not participated in our dog daycare program or boarded with us must complete the daycare and boarding application and be evaluated before boarding with us.


    $52; $48.00 for a second or more dogs. Overnight boarding is a 24-hour period, and includes participation in our daily off-leash dog daycare program. We recommend all dogs staying for more than three nights be given a bath so they go home feeling clean and looking good. If you prefer a full groom, please refer to our grooming price list for more specific information; reserve a bath or grooming appointment when you make your boarding reservation to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

    Call us at 703-455-3333 to make your boarding reservation.

  • Day Care+
    Do you work long hours? Is your dog home alone all day? Do you feel like you need to rush home to let the dog out? Would you like your dog to have a mentally, socially and physically enjoyable day with other dogs? Our off-leash dog daycare program provides a safe and supervised environment where your dog can socialize and play with other dogs. All new canines are evaluated to ensure that our off-leash dog daycare play groups are a good fit for your dog. Every day we provide:
    • Activities and games such as Follow the Leader, Red Rover, Find the Human, Recall and story time
    • Scheduled rests and naps
    • Lots of exercise with other dogs
    • Feeding upon request
    • Special snacks such as frozen yogurt or peanut butter-stuffed rubber toys (fee applies).

    Dog Daycare Requirements

    Current vaccines for rabies, distemper and bordetella are required for participation in our dog daycare program; we gladly accept titers from your veterinarian.  All dogs over one year of age must be spayed and neutered (we work with pet parents of large breed dogs to extend this whenever possible).

    If you are interested in your dog joining our off-leash dog daycare play groups, please complete the dog daycare and boarding application and return it to us. We will review your application and schedule an evaluation to make sure dog daycare is a good fit for your dog. Evaluations* are scheduled during the week and on Saturdays.
    *This process of evaluating dogs for dog daycare and dog boarding is very comprehensive and provides time for your dog to become comfortable with the dog daycare environment and the dogs already in our dog daycare program. We do this to ensure the off-leash dog daycare play groups we have are a good fit for your dog. If you would like your dog to join our off-leash dog daycare program, please fill out the dog daycare and dog boarding application and return it to us.
  • Training+

    Just Fur Pets recommends two local reputable dog training businesses to provide group and private puppy and dog training services to dog parents in the Springfield and Burke area.

    We are pleased to work with Animal Behavior Wellness Center  and Lead With Fun to help you help your furkids navigate the human world.  Both of these small businesses have staff who have earned multiple certifications, and use positive-reinforcement and force-free techniques.


  • Grooming+

    Your furkid enjoys grooming experiences when groomers are patient and calm – our dog groomers are kind and empathetic.  Our groomers have over 18 years of combined experience grooming all sizes, ages and breeds of dogs. Your dog's enjoyment and comfort during her grooming appointment is their priority.

    At Just Fur Pets, your puppy’s first groom is brief and fun, and gets her used to the grooming process.  Older dogs get rests between grooming steps so they go home looking and feeling refreshed, and those furkids with bath-time jitters can enjoy calming aromatherapy baths.

    Our Groomers Guarantee Their Work

    Your favorite canine will have a great grooming experience, and you'll be satisfied with your furkid's "haircut", because our groomers communicate with you.

    If you and one of our groomers discuss your expectations for how you want your dog to look, and we do not produce the look you want, the grooming fee is on us.

    If you are not satisfied, we will re-trim and touch up on the day of your dog's groom* or make an appointment for a re-groom with a different groomer on the next grooming day. We want to make it right!

    Call for an appointment...and tell your friends.

    We offer our grooming clients options for how you want your dog to spend her day. You may pick up your dog after the grooming appointment is completed, or schedule a spa package instead for a special day of leisure and pampering. Spa packages include participation in off-leash dog daycare play groups with other dogs and a massage, in addition to the breed-specific groom.

    Bath and brush-out services start at $42; grooming fees begin at $62 and are based on the breed and the condition of your dog's coat. We work with you and your pet to ensure her comfort during the groom and your satisfaction with the quality of the clip, style and coat condition.

    Dog grooming only (pick-up when appointment is completed): Please complete the grooming contact and release agreement and bring it with you the day of your dog grooming appointment.

    Grooming with spa package: Dogs selecting the spa package spend a portion of their day in off-leash dog daycare, participating in mentally, socially and physically engaging games and activities. To ensure dogs will thrive in this open dog daycare environment, we conduct an evaluation of each dog to ensure our play groups are a good fit for your dog. Please complete the daycare and boarding application and return it to us. We will contact you to schedule an evaluation; these are available during the week and on Saturdays. We will schedule the spa/dog grooming appointment once the evaluation is completed.

    We require rabies, distemper and bordetella for all dogs spending time with us in our dog daycare program or for dog grooming (we gladly accept titers from your veterinarian). If this is your furkid's first visit, please bring her vaccination records. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, we will keep her separate from the other dogs. Only spayed and neutered dogs may utilize a spa package.

    If you are a new customer or we haven't seen you in over a year, please bring current vaccination records with you.

    Please call 703.455.3333 to discuss your dog grooming needs and to schedule a grooming services appointment. Read customer reviews on our Testimonials page.

    *If you pick up after groomers have left for the day, we will give you the first appointment on the next grooming day.


    All professional dog grooming services include:

    • Breed cut
    • Specialized bath
    • Brush out
    • Fluff dry/Blow dry
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Nail Trim
    • Sanitary Trim (bum)
  • Dog Wash+
    Washing your dog should be fun for your dog and for you.  Stay dry and eliminate back pain by using our self-serve grooming tubs!
    We supply everything you need:  walk-in tubs, quality shampoos, brushes, towels, blow dryers and even aprons!  The tub entry ramps make coaxing your dog into the self-contained tubs easy on your back.  Restraining collars are provided to keep jittery dogs safe in the tub.
    The self-serve wash stations close one hour prior to the store closing time to allow you plenty of time to wash, brush and dry your dog.
    Be sure to sign up for our 6-Box Rewards program; make 6 purchases and get a discount applied to your 7th.
    All dogs, no matter the size: $22.00.
    For more information on our grooming services, call us at (703) 455-3333 or send us an email.
  • Online Ordering+

    We offer Buy Online-Pick-up In Store to all our current clients and customers (an account created by us is required to access this feature).

    All the great foods, treats, supplies and toys in our retail store may be purchased on line for in-store pick-up 2 hours or less later.  https://justfurpets.gingrapp.com/customer

  • Curbside Pickup+

    Curbside pick-up is available Mon-Sat before 4pm.  After you receive a confirmation message that your online order is ready, call us when you enter the parking lot and we'll bring your items to your car!

  • Dog Products +

    Collars and leashes, interactive and just-for-fun toys, food puzzles, oral health tools and health-supporting supplements, healthy food and treats, grooming supplies and tools for home use. We also offer dog daycare, dog boarding, dog grooming, dog training, and DIY pet wash tubs. 

    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry
  • Cat Products +

    Wet cat food for the households where the cat lets the dog live there ;-)

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry



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