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  • About Us+

    Chaar is a locally owned, independent retailer based in Allentown, PA.   We help people from all over the Lehigh Valley find the best products for their animals, their homes, and themselves.


    Chaar began doing business in 2001 under the name Chaar Saddlery and selling only English horseback riding tack and apparel. In 2003 we added horse feed and western tack to our lineup to make a more convenient shopping experience for our customers. As these product lines grew we realized that we were running out of space in our small 5,000 square foot building, we needed to find a bigger location.

    In the summer of 2004 we moved from our old location on Allentown Drive to new and much larger store on Airport Road in Allentown, PA. When we moved into the new digs we really had a lot of space, and with all that space we decided it was time to up the convenience for our customers again. This time we added pet supplies to our product lines. It seemed like a logical step because almost everyone with horses has a dog or cat too. As it turned out, our knowledgeable approach to natural and holistic pet foods was a hit and we began serving the horse and pet communities of the Lehigh Valley.

    As more people from outside the equine world began shopping with us, some of them took a liking to the clothing and footwear we carry that’s inspired by horsemanship as well as the American western and working heritage. This led us to expand our footwear and apparel offering to serve the diverse needs of customers who demand an authentic, stylish, and timeless wardrobe. Our penchant for product knowledge and service carried into this area too and we’re happy to find the right fit, function, and style for you.

    The diverse product mix has made Chaar quite an unusual store on the first impression. But that unusual flair is a big part of who we are. We tie it all together with knowledge, understanding, and problem solving skills that help our customers find the right products for their passion.

  • Training+

    We offer Puppy Kindergarden, Obedience, Agility, and Private Lessons. At Chaar we focus on the family dog and set goals that are worthwhile and easily attainable. Our humane methods can help create a well-behaved companion that knows not only basic commands, but life skills as well. You’ll learn a lot in our small, personable classes. Our flexible schedule makes it easy to find time to train and our trainers are available to answer any questions you may have. 

    What methods do we use to train?

    There are so many methods you can use to train your dog and many opinions on what’s best and most effective. At CHAAR we believe in a positive motivational approach.  We teach owners how to set their dogs up for success and reduce mistakes. By repeating and reinforcing in a positive manner we develop quick responses, instill confidence and nurture intelligence. This creates strong bonds between pet and owner out of respect and pleasure rather than fear.

    For pricing, class info and Training schedule please visit our website:

  • Grooming+

    Our full and basic grooms are great for managing a growing coat and reducing shedding, especially during those pesky times of the year when your dog may be changing between summer and winter coats.

    Basic Groom: Bath, brush out, nail trim, tooth brushing and ear cleaning.
    Full Groom: Bath, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, hair cut/trim.

    Gland expression is included at request of owner for basic or full groom.

    Walk-in & Services (call ahead for grooming salon hours):

    • Touch-up: Just need a little trimming around the face or some minor shaping? Touch up includes some minor scissoring and a nail trim. 
    • Nail trim / Nail filing: Keep your dog's nails from getting to long with regular nail trimming. We also offer nail grinding/filing to round off the nails and reduce scratching if requested.
    • Gland Expression: Having a scooting issue or a stinky hind end? A gland expression may take care of the problem.

    Spa Treatments (can be added to any Basic or Full groom):

    • De-shed treatment: Drastically reduce your dogs's shedding. We use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner that contain natural ingredients to soften your dog's coat and loosen dead hairs. We follow that up with extra brushing that goes above and beyond what's in our typical groom to give your dog a noticeably softer coat and shed reduction that will last for weeks. 
    • Extra Hydrating Skin Treatment: We use an oatmeal shampoo and specially formulated conditioner to give your dog a soft & hydrated coat. Great for dogs with dry skin or coats that tangle easily.
    • Mineral Mud Bath Treatment: A special mud treatment that soothes itchy skin, helps to control flakes, conditions with valuable minerals, exfoliates, hydrates and rebuilds the coat.


    CAT GROOMING (Not available at all store locations, please call for more info)

    Our cat grooming is fully customizable to your cat's needs. It can include all or some of the following:

    • Bathing
    • De-shedding
    • De-matting
    • Nail trimming
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Hair trimming
    • Full shave

    Cat grooming is subject to the availability of qualified groomers so please call ahead for an appointment. 


    Pricing for grooming varies by breed, animal size/weight, coat condition, and service type. Please call our store for a quote!

  • Online Ordering+
  • Dog Products +

    One of the largest selections of unique, quality dog beds, toys, collars, leashes, and accessories you won't find at big-box stores. We specialize in all-natural dog food and treats and carry a large variety of specialty diets for pups with allergies, sensitivities, weight or health issues, or simply discerning tastes. We also offer crates for all breeds and sizes as well as exercise pens, tie-outs and heavy duty dog kennels.

    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry
  • Cat Products +

    All natural cat food and treats with a broad selection of specialty kibbles and canned foods for cats with allergies, sensitivities, or discerning tastes. Kitty furniture, scratchers, carriers, grooming tools and shampoos, flea and tick treatmens, collars, leashes, harnesses, and a wide variety of toys. 

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry
  • Other Products +

    For Pets: supplies, feed, bedding for small animal, domestic bird, farm, equine, and reptile.

    For People: western clothing, accessories and footwear; work apparel and footwear; hiking and trail running shoes and boots; activewear; english horseback riding apparel.



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