The Pet Store

The Pet Store

Cadboro Bay Village 3845 Cadboro Bay Rd
Victoria, BC V8N 4G1
Victoria, BC V8N 4G1 Open Map Directions Phone: 250 590 5828
Support Hours:
Today: 10 AM - 6 PM
all times Western
  • About Us+

     The producers of the award-winning festival Pet-A-Palooza present to you; The Pet Store! With the event industry taking an abrupt hit during the pandemic we decided to turn lemons into lemonade, and finally open the store we've been talking about for years. All we needed was the perfect location with an amazing community of pet lovers and access to the best products on the market - we found them ALL in Cadboro Bay!

    Coming from an event background we knew we wanted to make our store stand out and give our people more than just dog and cat food.

    We want your dog to get excited when they pull into the parking lot; we want YOU to get excited when you pull into the parking lot!

    We plan to offer mini events at our Cadboro Bay location when its safe to do so and in the mean time will offer the community some amazing art installations, dog vending machines you can hit up if we are closed and a free community dog wash!

  • Dog Wash+

    Free Community Dog Wash

    Dirty dogs have more fun!

    available this spring - our FREE community dog wash!

    Step one: Hit Gyro Beach

    Step two: Let them get dirty, sandy even nasty!

    Step three: Walk a few steps to our store to rinse, dry and sprits with essential oils!

    No fun needs to be sacrificed when they can be cleaned up this easy!


  • Home Delivery
    Shipping Information


    Free home delivery in the greater Victoria area. Shop safely from our extensive online store and have items delivered right to your door.

  • Online Ordering
  • Curbside Pickup+

    valet barking

    Our version of curbside pickup! You can pull right up to a number of spots designated for our customers and we will load up your car for you!

    As an added bonus - if your dog is with you, they get a FREE pupichino - dive through style!

    AND free home delivery in the greater Victoria area. Shop safely from our extensive online store and have items delivered right to your door.

  • Dog Products +

    Premium dry and raw foods, unique accessories you can't find anywhere else. Our buyers are modern pet owners just like you who look for and find the coolest products on the market! Our monthly art installation will fill your Instagram feed and with colorful photos designed with your dog in mind AND you can win prizes just for posting and tagging us!

    Our vending machine will be packed with snacky snacks and toys!

    our hand-died rope leash wall has every color of the rainbow for your to choose from!

    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry
  • Cat Products +

    Custom cat trees, premium dry and raw food, apparel, litter, canned food, bowls, treats and more!

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry



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