Hair Of The Dog

Hair Of The Dog

50 Highway 50
Stateline, NV 89449
Stateline, NV 89449 Open Map Directions Phone: 775-580-6300
Support Hours:
Today: 7 AM - 11 PM
all times Western
  • About Us+

    Hair of The Dog Pet Concierge is focused on giving your dog a fun-filled vacation while you enjoy one of your own. Our mission is to ensure your pet experiences a happy, healthy and safe environment. In addition to our open play area for your companion to roam and interact with fellow dogs, our facility offers climate-controlled indoor rest and sleeping areas with fresh air exchange and privacy from other pets.

  • Boarding+

    A member of our staff stays overnight with the dogs to care for any needs they might have or just to snuggle with them.

  • Day Care+

    Looking for dog care services you can trust to care for your beloved family member while you’re away? It’s our goal to provide all of our daycare dogs with the exercise, socialization, and love they deserve. Our facilities feature large climate-controlled play yard where your pup can romp, play, and run all day with other furry friends their size. You can feel confident knowing you’ll always pick up a happy dog.

  • Grooming+

    We provide grooming for dogs while staying with us so that all our guests return home clean and ready for some hugs from you. We will make sure your pet looks its best. Bathing can be arranged by appointment.

  • Dog Wash+

    Washing your dog at home can lead to clogged drains, dirty tubs and mounds of laundry. Avoid the mess and reduce the stress. Come use our state of the art Evolution Dog Wash Station – no appointment is needed

  • Dog Products +
    Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry

    Fromm Pâté

    Complete and balanced pâté recipes. Feed our Fromm Pâté cans on their own or complement your dog's dry food.

    Fromm Family Recipes

    Fromm Family Recipes offer dogs hearty pieces of meat cooked with potatoes, carrots, and rice in a savory broth. Served on their own or as a meal topper, these recipes will leave your dog wantin’ more.

  • Cat Products +

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry
    Fromm Four Star Cat

    Fromm Four-Star

    Variety driven gourmet cat food and treats



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