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Healthy Pet - Eugene

2777 Friendly Street
Eugene, OR 97405
Eugene, OR 97405 Open Map Directions Phone: (541) 343-3411
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  • About Us+

    The owner and founder of the Healthy Pet is Dr. Doreen Hock, local holistic veterinarian. Dr. Doreen Hock graduated from Oregon State University veterinary school in 1987. Dr. Hock went to veterinary acupuncture training in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia. From that training, her focus shifted to holistic treatments and nutrition. She opened Eugene’s first holistic veterinary clinic, Pacifica Veterinary Services, in Downtown Eugene.

    In 1997 she opened the first holistic pet store in Eugene, the Healthy Pet, in order to offer the diets and supplements that could help her patients. About 10 years ago the Healthy Pet moved to its current location at 29th and Friendly in South Eugene.

     We diets we carry are rigorously screened for cleanly sources ingredients and purity. We strive to source all of our items locally. Every item is carefully selected and approved by Dr. Hock. We also carefully select all toys, collars and chews for quality and safety. We have a large selection of nutritional supplements to support your pet’s health.

    Our staff serve as consultants for customers to improve their pet health. They are knowledgeable about the products we sell and are always learning new things.

  • Dog Products +

    At the Healthy Pet we love dogs, and we are pet parents, too. We want to keep your dog healthy and happy! Towards that end we have high nutrition diets. Our diets are the best quality you can find, and we specialize in raw dog food.

    We carry entertaining and safe toys to keep your dog from being bored and to enhance exercise. We always say a tired dog is a good dog!

    Please call for product availability

  • Cat Products +

    We “get” cats at the Healthy Pet! We pride ourselves on having an extensive selection of products made especially for cats. We understand that cats can be fussy about their food and so we carry many brands of healthy tempting foods. We even have raw diets that cats will eat. We carry a huge selection of cat treats and toys, as well as cat furniture and other accessories.

    Fromm Family Cat Products We Carry
    Fromm Four Star Cat

    Fromm Four-Star

    Variety driven gourmet cat food and treats



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