Chiodo Kennels

Chiodo Kennels

Rt. 4 Box 242Mt. Liberty Road
Philippi, WV 26416
Philippi, WV 26416 Open Map Directions Phone: 304-457-5522
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  • About Us+

    The owner Kathy has over 20 years experience (Law Enforcement, Military, and Search and Rescue) in a wide range of scent detection work. She has also worked as a Vet Tech and has trained dogs for Narcotics, Explosives Detection, Tracking/trailing, and Human Remains Detection. She is a Master Trainer and a Certification Officer with L.E.T.S (Law Enforcement Training Specialists) and the Mountaineer Working Dog Association, NASAR evaluator, and also served as a West Virginia Fire School instructor. She one of the founding members of the Barbour Country Tactical Search and Recovery Teams and is also a member of the Mountaineer Area Search and Rescue Group, and affiliate of the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference. She is a SarTech II and FTM. She has trained and worked dogs overseas, and worked in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

    All canines trained and bred here are from generations of Ring Sport, Police, Search and Rescue, and Schutzhund dogs. Our Beaucerons are from some of France's oldest working bloodlines. 

  • Boarding+

    Our clients stay toasty warm with in-floor heating and our industrial exhaust fans exchange the air every three minutes, cutting down on airborne diseases and odors. Our kennels are attached to our home and we also have an in-house generator for power outages. 

  • Training+

    We offer individual obedience training classes, tailored for what your dog needs. We believe in a balanced training regimen and uses motivational and reward based training, along with fair and consistent handling skills. 

  • Dog Products +
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