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Focused on a BIG issue


At Fromm, we’re dedicated to the total wellness of every pet, so we’re focusing on a big issue — canine obesity, a leading health problem facing dogs today.

Obesity in Dogs

An estimated 55.8% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.*

We offer a variety of products for controlling calorie intake, including our new Large Breed Weight Management Gold dog food. In addition to their choice of food, pet parents can also address this issue by establishing a regular exercise routine and regulating the amount of treats and other dietary add-ons their dogs consume.

*Source: Association for Pet Obesity Prevention,


LARGE BREED WEIGHT MANAGEMENT GOLD Our nutritionist explains the benefits of our Large Breed Weight Management Gold dog food.


To address this widespread issue, all three of our weight management recipes use lean, nutrient-rich poultry or fish to provide high quality protein, complex carbohydrates to aid in appetite control, and added L-carnitine to help the body utilize fat for energy and maintain lean muscle mass. They help control calorie intake without sacrificing other valuable nutrients.

For adult dogs with ideal weights exceeding 50 pounds, our new Large Breed Weight Management Gold offers fewer calories per cup than our other weight management formulas. The lower calorie content allows large breed dogs to consume enough food to satisfy their larger stomach and longer digestive tract, and also supports their slower metabolic rate. All-encompassing, these key traits can help support weight maintenance and/or loss in large or giant breed dogs.