How much should I feed my dog/cat?

A pet’s daily calorie requirement is based on many factors, including their age, breed, body size, weight, general health, metabolism, and how active they are. So, individual feeding amounts may vary, even for pets of a similar body size.

The best starting point for how much to feed your pet is by looking at the recommended amount on the bag or can of food you purchased.

Each Fromm recipe has a recommended feeding amount based on your pet’s current or expected mature weight.

To reach this feeding recommendation, we’ve done the complicated work for you by calculating your pet’s daily calorie needs (based on the factors listed above). We then compared that nutritional need to the calorie density of that particular Fromm recipe.

Even though these calculations provide us with an ideal food amount for the average dog or cat, your pet is an individual. They may have a faster or slower metabolism than other pets. Or they may require more calories if they’re very active, or if they’re pregnant or lactating.

Therefore, it’s important to monitor your pet’s response to a particular type of food.

If your pet loses weight, they’ll need more food. If they start gaining weight, they may need less.

You should also consider the calories your pet receives from other sources, like treats or table scraps. It’s better to reduce treats rather than reducing the intake of a nutritionally balanced diet, since treats don’t contain all the nutrients your pet needs.