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Owner &
4th Generation Family Member

Our company was started by my great grandfather John Nieman and my grandmother’s brothers, Walter, Edward, John and Henry Fromm in the early 1900’s. I am proud to be the fourth generation leader of Fromm Family Foods and I have a strong appreciation for the efforts of my parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents and my great uncles.

Growing Up & Moving Forward

Growing up in Mequon, I worked on the family farms and at our family pet food plant.  In those days, Mequon was an agricultural community whose principle businesses were fur and dairy farming. After receiving a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin I spent three years as a process development engineer at 3M in St Paul.   I returned to the business in 1984 at which time I decided to make feline and canine nutrition the primary focus of the company.  In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I launched the Fromm Gold and Four-Star lines of foods for dogs and cats.

Family First

I am honored to work alongside my wife Kathy, sons Bryan & Dan, my mother Betty and extended family members. My wife Kathy’s work in the company and her unwavering commitment to our family has been incredible and I truly appreciate her steadfast support.  I am also proud to have my sons, the fifth generation of the Fromm Family business, actively involved. It’s my hope one day they too will have the opportunity to lead our family business.  However, the Fromm family extends well past relatives at this point. We are blessed to have an amazing staff that has been with us for years, even decades.

Dreaming Big

As my wife Kathy is only too well aware, I have always been full of ideas and when I dream, I tend to dream bigger than could possibly be accomplished on my own. Pursuing dreams that are bigger than yourself require that you engage people from all walks of life, talents, and skill sets.  I have been blessed to have the help of others who share my vision.  With the help of my family, our talented management team, dedicated employees, and a team of outside professionals, I have been able to pursue my dreams and build a substantial business that today supports many families here in Wisconsin, as well as other parts of this great country.

Home Brewing

My sons and I share a passion for creating high quality microbrew beers.  Being active in a local homebrew club and giving startup assistance and third party business perspective to a local brew pub, has provided a fun outlet to share engineering and business knowledge with fellow beer enthusiasts. It has often been said that Fromm is like a micro brewer of super-premium gourmet pet foods where very special attention is paid to the ingredients, formulations, and preparation of our recipes. The same can be said for craft brewing. It’s a hobby that brings family and friends together and blends science and the culinary arts.

Importance of Small Business

I believe small business is the backbone of innovation and job creation.  As so many successful small business owners know, it takes sacrifice and commitment to “roll the dice” on a business endeavor or expansion.  My appreciation and respect for small and family-run business has motivated us to choose suppliers and retailers who share our values and beliefs. To this day we only make our products available at independent pet retailers across North America and the world. There’s a passion and intimacy that comes across with small businesses that best conveys the true grassroots quality of family owned American made products.

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